Welcome to UKSMDT

The Association for Somatic Movement Dance Therapies, United Kingdom & Éire


Continuing professional development

Honouring diverse therapeutic approaches to somatic movement dance practices 

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UKSMDT provides:

Professional registration and certification for practitioners 

 A centralised regulatory body and an up-to-date registry of practitioners across the United Kingdom & Éire

Continuing professional development 

Opportunities for supervisory support

A research-active platform

A defining scope of creative, therapeutic, and ethical practice 


Dr Amanda Williamson

Somatic Movement Dance Therapy SMTD is distinct from Dance Movement Pyschotherapy DMT, a form of pyschotherapy. SMDT is a moving bodywork modality, underpinned by sensory-perceptual movement awareness, experiential anatomy and physiology, as well as a refined use of touch.  Experiential contact with living tissues, breath awareness, imaginal movement, and the development of sensory-perceptual motor skills, is distinctive to SMDT.


Who are we?

UKSMDT comprises a board of active practitioners and researchers who have developed the field of dance underpinned by somatic awareness in higher education contexts, and/or in the independent sector.  

You can currently study dance and somatics at MA and PhD Level in UK and Éire universities, as well as train on several independent training programmes.

Our organisation provides a regulatory body, bridging higher education, the independent sector and industry. 

Through registration and certification, UKSMDT acknowledges the unique skills and high level of training somatically informed dancers have undertaken during their careers, often studying somatic awareness at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and in independent contexts.


Why join?

Depending on your previous training, register with us as a 'Somatic movement Dance Therapist' (SMDT) or 'Somatic Movement Dance Practitioner' (SMDP).

Our benefits include:

  • Reduced admission to CPD annual training weekends and retreats, led by a variety of specialists. 
  • A defining scope of creative and therapeutic practice 
  • Health & safety regulations
  • Ethical guidelines
  • Up-to-date registry of practitioners in the United Kingdom & Éire. 
  • Covid-19 waiver forms, available upon registration 
  • Touch consent forms, available upon registration 
  • Medical history form, available upon registration
  • Practitioner page 

‚ÄčOur Mission Statement:

  • ‚ÄčTo provide on-going support and connection for practitioners across the United Kingdom & Éire
  • To develop the profession in the UK & Éire, research and share best practice together  
  • To exchange knowledge and frameworks through annual symposiums and conferences
  • To educate people and health care professionals about our work and the health benefits of Somatic Movement Dancie Therapies
  • To safeguard our profession, maintain high standards and protect the communities we work with
  • To create a bridge between higher education and freelance contexts
  • To widen access, create opportunities, develop inclusive practices and honour cultural diversity
  • To support university lecturers and programme leaders who pioneer the field at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and in independant contexts